gallery Bedroom Dresser Intro

I’m working with a fantastic life coach, Teresa Romain (, and this year she introduced me to a 48-hour celebration and accountability program she calls CCC — Clearing, Cleaning, and Celebrating. Over the course of 48 hours, a group of people on a conference call share and celebrate their progress in clearing and cleaning a physical area of their life.

When I was asked what area I wanted to focus on, there was no question. My bedroom dresser is a low, wide, wooden dresser/mirror that used to belong to my grandmother. I don’t think it’s truly an antique. It is functional, however, in a bedroom that has a teeny-tiny closet that fit the few clothes one would have had in 1918.

It’s also the first thing I see when I wake in the morning and the last thing I see before bed at night. For a longer time than I’d like to admit, it called to me derisively, “You’re a slob!”

I’m not a slob. I was, however, overwhelmed by the clutter, and that overwhelm led to paralysis. So when the first CCC event started, I took photos of what I started with and looked forward to bringing order and tranquility to chaos.

Here’s the before photo, including the dresser, a standing chest, an old nightstand, and the end of my unmade bed.