Bedroom Dresser stage 2

About every three hours, all of us who were participating on these calls got together on a conference call and shared our progress and awarenesses. I was eager to transform my space and jumped in with both feet.

I figured I’d start with a small area that could make a big visual difference, so I tackled the vertical chest.


Once I saw that clear space, I felt energized to take on the next space.

Along the way, I wound up cleaning out my nightstand and headboard as well. Everything that I kept found a new permanent home. I collected bags of things to donate, recycle, or toss.

One thing I learned is that there was a price to blocking off three days to do all this work: the rest of my life got put on hold. I didn’t have much time to eat, relax, work, or spend time with my family. The more I checked in on these conference calls, the more it became clear that I had approached this with an all-or-nothing mentality. I was going to get it all done now. But that had me feeling stressed and pressured and full of adrenaline.

I slowed down, started to fold my decluttering into the rest of my life. I started to relax and enjoy it more. And I had more energy while the decluttering didn’t suffer at all. In fact, I started to see the beauty I was creating.


I also found that I had a lot of books.



And so a small bookcase seemed in order. And since I was removing one piece of furniture and adding a new one, I took the time to move things around and paint the walls behind them.


Final reveal to come!