Office Intro

It’s time for another decluttering area. If you read my intro, you’ll remember that I mentioned inheriting stuff from one’s parents/in-laws, running at least once business from home, and renovating. I’m doing all three (and it’s two businesses, actually) and this room—my office/sunporch—is often the nerve center. It’s also where all the paper winds up: files, photos, school papers, not to mention our mail, paperwork to be processed, and paper recycling.

I’m starting another CCC program today, and this time I can’t do an all-or-nothing, gonna-get-this-done approach because I managed to sprain my hand. Not only can I not grasp much with it (today I’m actually able to type—yay!), but I need to ice it every couple hours.

This room is really special to me, and it pains (and embarrasses) me to see it so cluttered. It spans the entire width of my home, boasts 12 windows, and was completely unusable when we bought our house. The windows were original rope/pulley double-hung windows and painted shut with lead paint. The floor was original wood and covered in lead paint. The walls were a shocking turquoise. The heating vent was disconnected from the furnace. It averaged 20°F in the winter.

Here’s one photo of how it used to look. I added chairs and a table, but they were for aesthetics only.

Cats 5_2002

When I had a stillborn daughter in 2007, I began working on this room as a means of therapy. I sealed, painted, and carpeted the floor. I painted the walls a sunny yellow with white trim. We replaced the windows with energy-efficient ones. My partner reconnected the heating vent. I created a sitting/writing area and an office area.

I began using it, and could feel playful love that I associated with the daughter I never got to meet (outside of ultrasound) when she was alive. When I was finished, it looked like this:


Fast-forward nine years and my office has become the repository for inherited photos, paperwork, files, business paraphernalia, that super-awesome chandelier for the dining room, and a host of other items. A really, really big host.

For the past week, I’ve been clearing off my desk, but here’s what the entire office/sunporch looked like before I started that:

Shall we begin?