Renovation: dining room

This isn’t so much decluttering (yet) as it is actual renovation. Ours is a 98-year-old house, and the dining room was powered by the original knob/tube wiring, which is most definitely not up to code. Fortunately my partner is trained and well-practiced in how to run electrical wiring.

Our dining room ceiling was coated in “popcorn” and lit by a ceiling fan/light that 1980 has been trying to repossess. When the old fan/light was removed, we found that it wasn’t even attached correctly to the ceiling. It’s a good thing we didn’t run the fan much, or it could have torn part of the plaster & lathe ceiling down!



The next step was to start removing the popcorn on the ceiling. It’s fortunately easy: spray on water, let sit for a few minutes, scrape off. But it’s messy!



I’ll shortly post some of the fully-scraped ceiling. The next step is to paint the ceiling with special ceiling paint. By the way, they make a ceiling paint that goes on pink and then dries to an off-white. They make it this way so it’s easy to make sure you cover all of the ceiling. But if you live in an area where it gets humid (and I’m in the Midwest), do not use this paint or else every time it gets humid, your ceiling will turn pink!

We have a gorgeous new chandelier to go up on this ceiling, and a medallion that I’ll be painting with antique brass accent paint. I’ve already done two for our living room, and they’re perfect for the time period of this home!